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  • RealAg Radio, Feb 25: Free energy, being up for a challenge, and more on the Farmer Rapid Fire
    On today’s RealAg Radio we’ve got a Farmer Rapid Fire for you! Today’s line-up features: Amy VanderHeide, of Annapolis Valley, NS, who’s working a lot in the woodlot these days; Brianne Brown, of Yarker, Ont, and it’s her first time on the Farmer Rapid Fire; Wilco van Meijl, of Rapid City, Man., who’s just on... […]
    RealAgriculture News Team
  • RealAg LIVE! with Kevin Serfas on building big
    Diversifying can mean making a small tweak to an operation, or in today’s guest’s case, building really big — like 40,000 head of cattle big. Joining us for today’s RealAg LIVE! is Kevin Serfas, of Serfas Farms near Turin, Alta,. who just completed a brand new, large-scale feedlot with new cattle in it (today)! RealAg... […]
    RealAgriculture News Team