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  • Canola stocks down 38 per cent from a year ago: StatsCan
    Statistics Canada released its March 31 stocks report on Friday, and all eyes were on canola, as prices continue to rise with tight supplies. Canola stocks for 2021 were significantly tighter than at the same time in 2020, which was not a surprise at all. The 37.7 per cent drop saw the stock tonnage go... […]
    Kara Oosterhuis
  • Ontario farmers will likely have to wait until June for spring heat
    An early start to the 2021 planting season in Ontario may not end up pushing the corn and soybean crop ahead of schedule, if the weather trend currently in place doesn’t change. David Tolleris, founder of, says that a few weak systems will continue to move through over the next week or so, bringing... […]
    RealAgriculture News Team