Job Title: Human Resources Manager

Salary Range: Depending On Experience

Status: Full-Time

Supervisor: General Manager


Plans, directs and carries out policies relating to all phases of personnel activity. Recruits, interviews and selects employees to fill vacant positions. Plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward company goals. Keeps record of insurance coverage, pension plan, and personnel transactions, such as hires, promotions, transfers, and terminations. Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier. Conducts wage survey within labor market to determine competitive wage rate. Prepares budge of personnel operations. Maintains and administers the payroll system and related governmental payroll, pension, and other reports.


  1. Administers and maintains a personnel database of employee classifications, compensation, salary surveys, benefits, performance evaluations, training, job descriptions/announcements, interviews, and other required personnel records
  2. On an ongoing basis, reviews competitive and new employee benefit programs to recommend enhancements to management and to the Farms Board in accordance with budget constraints and procurement policy.
  3. Trains and advises supervisory/managerial staff about employee benefits and Tribal, State and Federal regulations as they apply to farming. Reports insurance, disability and compensation insurance claims.  Coordinates the Farms safety program.
  4. Writes personnel policy and procedures including internal controls, cross-trains with other office personnel and performs duties required by the clerical pool.
  5. Administers and maintains the bi-weekly payroll system, time sheet review, payroll (governmental and pension) reports, subsidiary ledger of employee purchases and advances, and personnel records in an accurate and timely manner.
  6. Performs monthly general ledger reconciliation’s of employee related transactions, and processes payment of personnel related invoices. Prepares bank deposits and perform bank reconciliation’s, Prepares the annual payroll budget.
  7. Other duties as assigned that include but are not limited to the following: Assists the Office Manager with accounting duties such as work-paper analysis, general ledger reconciliation’s, journal entries, financial statement preparation, and budget analyses.


  • A degree in personnel administration, social/behavioral sciences or closely related area and or experience equivalent to five (5) years full time professional level personnel work, at least of which three (3) involved supervisory experience that may be substituted for education.
  • Knowledge of public sector personnel administration principles and practices including principles of classification, compensation, employee benefits, employment and employee relations.
  • Through knowledge of internal organizational charts of operations, policies and procedures, rules and regulations and laws governing public personnel administration.  Experience with FLSA, EEOC, ADA, SUTA, FICA, SUTA.
  • Experience in payroll preparation in an automated financial reporting system environment.
  • Working knowledge with general payroll tax and pension reporting requirements.
  • Experience with group health and other employee benefit programs
  • Experience with Microsoft Office software
  • Experience with bookkeeping transactions and bank reconciliation’s.
  • Ability to effectively express ideas and concepts orally or in writing.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with persons of varied economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

The work involves a variety of conceptual and complex personnel administration issues requiring discretionary judgment.  Provides personnel related guidance to Divisions and staff.  Although guidelines are established to carry out payroll preparation and reporting responsibilities, some discretionary judgment is required.

Work related contacts include employees at every level and the Farm Board.  Outside contacts are frequently made with related industry personnel.

Performs all assigned tasks for the maintenance of an effective personnel administration area in accordance with established policies and procedures.  Specifies procedures for compliance with personnel policies and procedures.  Requires knowledge of rationale regarding the full range of personnel policies and procedures.

The work is conducted in a non-smoking office setting with adequate lighting, heating, and ventilation. Must agree to maintain a Drug Free work place as a condition of employment with Gila River Farms.

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