Job Title: Comptroller

Salary Range: Depending On Experience

Status: Full Time

Supervisor: General Manager


The Comptroller is responsible for the development, direction, supervision and maintenance of the accounting systems, preparation of financial reports, assists in policy development, financial planning, technical assistance, financial analysis, and provides recommendations on investments.


  1. Provides fiscal guidance to management for Farm divisions.
  2. Establishes and maintains fiscal controls and assures the propriety of and proper accounting for all financial transactions.
  3. Establishes and maintains budgetary controls so that resources are utilized only in accordance with policies and priorities provide by the Farm Board/Management and that Federal fiscal guidelines are properly observed.
  4. In conjunction with Management recommends fiscal accounting policies to the Farm Board of Directors.
  5. Maintains liaison with representatives of other governmental jurisdictions in matters of fiscal policy.
  6. At the managements direction directs and participates in studies intended to design improvements in fiscal controls and overall management.
  7. Prepares a variety of required records and reports.
  8. Supervises and maintains and assures a professional administrative office team.
  9. Assures that personnel are properly trained and educated to work in professional office setting and maintains efficiently operating staff.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Business Administration and five (5) years of professional accounting, consideration will be given for experience equivalent to 7-10 years of actual experience.
  • Through knowledge of modern fiscal management theory and practices.
  • Some knowledge of the economic and sociological problems of Native Americans.
  • Ability to coordinate the efforts of a variety of staff members at various organizational levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise effectively.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with people of varied economic educations and cultural backgrounds.
  • Experience in the preparation of operating/capital budgets, design and implementation of MIS systems and demonstrated ability to design effective internal control systems and in performing internal audits for compliance with policy and procedures.
  • Experience with Windows financial reporting systems, Excel and Word.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform analytical reviews and ability to interpret and critique significant financial data relationships.
  • Ability to set priorities, follow up and complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Good organizational, interpersonal, writing and communication skills in keeping staff informed, and in communicating results to management and the Gila River Farm Board.


The work involves a variety of conceptual and complex financial administrative management issues requiring discretionary judgment. Provides fiscal guidance to Divisions.


Although the work produce or service may significantly affect the financial operations of the Farms, it directly affects the meeting of objectives noted in the introduction above. Requires knowledge of rationale regarding the entire range of financial management policies and procedures. Specifies procedures for compliance with the Farms’ financial management policies and procedures.


Work related contacts include employees at every level and the Farms’ Board. Outside contacts are frequently made with related industry personnel, vendors, and financial and auditing personnel.


The work is primarily sedentary. Physical demands include walking, standing, bending, carrying and transport of financial documents. Physical ability to lift up to 25 lbs.


The work is conducted in a non-smoking office setting with adequate lighting, heating and ventilation. Must agree to maintain a Drug Free workplace as a condition of employment with Gila River Farms.

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